Here is how you get your Driver's License

Get Your Learner's Permit

Before you begin this course, go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and get your Temporary Instructional Permit Identification Card (TIPIC), also called a "Learner's Permit". You will need this permit before you start this course, and before you start the behind-the-wheel training.


Take this course,
and also your behind-the-wheels training

At age 15-1/2, you can begin this course. After 2 hours of the course, we give you a certificate that allows you to begin your behind-the-wheels training.

at the BMV

When you are done with both this course and the behind the wheels training, you take your certificates from both and you make an appointment at the BMV for the practical "Road and Maneuverability Test". You will want to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or you might find yourself in a crowded office, and you may wait a long time to take the test. to make the appointment, and select the test called "Learner's Permit". If you are aged 18 or over, you will still need to select this option, although you will get your Driver's License, because permits are for people under the age of 18.

Bring these items with you when you go to the BMV:

  • The certificate we gave you, and also the certificate you got from the behind-the-wheel training school.

  • Proper identification. You can find what you will need at GoGatherGet

  • A signed parental consent form, if you are under 18, and you plan to go to the DMV without your parent or legal guardian. Click here to get the form. You may have it notarized, or you may show up with your parent or legal guardian, and they will sign the form in the presence of a Driver's License Examiner.


c) While you are at the DMV, you will do these 2 things:

  • Get a vision and hearing exam

  • Take their written test. Here are links to their handbooks in English, Espanol, and Kreyol. You will also want to take advantage of the DMV's free online PRACTICE TEST. Click here to find it, and take as many times as you would like. The appointment you made in step 2a was for this test.


After you have completed all of this, you will be given your Learner's Permit, and you will be ready to practice your driving skills, under supervision. If you are 18 or older, you will be given your Adult Driver's License, because Learner's Permits are for those under the age of 18.